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Jlee Studio Wearable Art was born out of a passion for creating unique and beautiful jewelry while helping to preserve our environment and highlighting the earth's natural beauty.

My jewelry uses recycled, repurposed materials, mixed metals; copper, aluminum, brass, distressed metal and wire, found objects, and natural stones. All of the pieces are hand cut, forged, stamped, while using multiple processes to achieve a unique and distinctive look! I use various techniques; oxidizing, texturizing, annealed, ColdFusion and forging to bring out the warm and inviting glow of the metal.

Jlee's jewelry is comprised of two main collections; Personalized and Signature, although the majority of Jlee designs can be customized or personalized by working one on one with the artist.


No two pieces are exactly alike!


Jlee Studio Wearable Art has been supporting

small local business and artists since 1992...

Shop local and buy handmade

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