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3pc  - 1/2 inch Wide Sticks charms length is determined by the length of the name/word. You can put as many letters and spaces on this charm, the more letters the longer the charm (please contact us for other options for longer Names).


Shown here in all three metals, and in block lettering. Upper and Lower case script lettering is available.  


Include Metal choices, and Names (i.e. Brian- upper & lower script - Alum)

3pc 1/2 inch Wide Sticks

  • Part of the appeal of handcrafted jewelry includes slight variations and irregularities in the metal work. These variations are not to be considered defects, but rather the metalsmith's signature. No two are exactly alike.

    Hand stamping is not supposed to be perfect; these variations, inclusions and irregularities are not flaws, but instead a reflection of artist's technique.

    Interested in a Custom Piece? Please contact the artist via website, email ( or text 414.258.2885, we are happy to work with you to create something beautiful!

  • Things to keep in mind when ordering from Jlee's Personalized Collection!

    List your metal choice and include the name/word that goes with your choice.  Sample... for a 3 Stack (shape doesn't matter)

    • Top layer/Copper/Mary
    • 2nd layer/Alum/Joe
    • Bottom layer/Brass/Sam
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