This is one of the artist, jlee's newest designs… the Oval Recycled Electrical Wire Bracelet is hand-cut, hammered and shaped into this unique oval shape, the bracelet is adjustable., however to ensure yours fits properly, please provide the artist with your "wrist" size.

Recycled Electrical Wire Oval Bracelet

"Your" Wrist Size
  • Aluminum Oval Bracelet is new to Jlee's Signature Collection!  This beautiful bracelet is made of repurposed aluminum which is hand-cut and forged, to give it a beautiful oval shape and textured look.

  • Please remember, each piece is individually hand-stamped, one letter/character at at time.  Some variations in letter/character placement should be viewed as part of the unique charm of your handcrafted piece and not as a defect or flaw.

    For custom orders please contact the artist, jlee via email or 414.258.2885

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